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2019 Triad Conference Speakers


Seniors and Prescription Drug Misuse and Addiction  - Amy Duncan, Community Outreach Coordinator,  Office of the Attorney General of Virginia

Looking for Love:  A Senior's Guide to Safe Online Dating - Shannon Freeman, Director of Programs and Outreach,  Office of the Attorney General of Virginia

Protecting Seniors Against Scams - Jamie Howell, Marketing Coordinator,  Better Business Bureau,  Greater Hampton Roads

Successful Aging, Realities, Myths, and Resources - Christine J. Jensen, PhD,  Director of Health Services Research, The Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health

Church Security & Emergency Preparedness - First Sergeant Shaun D. Jones, Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office and President, Virginia State SALT Council

Putting Purpose Into Practice: Living Healthy, Active and Free - Shirtiera Lynch, Project Safe Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator, Office of the Attorney General of Virginia and Fitness Instructor, Sportsbackers - Fitness Warriors

Introduction to Human Trafficking - Melissa McMenemy, Statewide Facilitator

Music, Movement & Memories: An Intervention to Increase Social Engagement and Positive Emotions - Cathy Tompkins, PhD, MSW,  Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, George Mason University

Elder Financial Abuse - Donna White, SVP/Compliance Director, Carter Bank & Trust; Mark Davis, VP/Investigations Officer,  Carter Bank & Trust

Senior Bullying - Gary Zalas, Retired Sergeant, Outreach Coordinator,  Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office


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